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JOB TITLE: Administrative Assistant to Worship Arts
Classification: Part-Time / Non-Exempt 
Department: Worship Arts 
Reports to: Worship Arts Pastor

Revised 02/06, 02/09, 04/22 

I. General 

The Administrative Assistant to Worship Arts works closely with the Worship Arts Pastor and the Executive Creative Arts Pastor in administrative support of those ministries with the ability to organize meetings, communications and people to provide total support for Worship Arts ministries. 

II. Reporting Relationship 

The Administrative Assistant to Worship Arts reports to the Worship Arts Pastor and works closely with all other church staff and department volunteers. 

III. Core Competencies and Expectations 

A. Be passionate about reaching the lost for Jesus Christ 

B. Fully embrace the core values of Bethel Church 

C. Be reliable, take initiative and be self-motivated 

D. Embrace and adapt to growth, change, innovation, and creativity 

E. Use appropriate judgment in the areas of discretion, sensitivity, and confidentiality 

F. Have a cooperative, healthy, and motivating relationship with supervisors, co-workers, and volunteers 

G. Communicate all events and changes in one’s areas of responsibility to other Bethel staff in a timely and clear manner 

H. Attend a Life Group 

I. Tithe to Bethel Church 

J. Donate to Missions 

K. Practice daily Bible devotions and prayer 

IV. Duties and Responsibilities 

A. Communicate to staff, volunteers and others regarding weekly worship services and special events. Assist with scheduling volunteers. Take minutes at all planning and department meetings. 

B. Database maintenance: Organize, create, maintain, and prepare records, registration lists, mailing lists, and attendance records using the Planning Center database program. 

C. Library maintenance: Organize, maintain, and prepare sheet music for rehearsals and performances, and maintain the music library. 

D. In cooperation with manager, fill out and submit facilities requests for all activities undertaken by the department. Maintain manager’s appointment calendar if requested by manager. 

E. Arrange in a timely manner for food services, audio/video equipment, sound, van requests, childcare when needed for special events. Secure outside facilities if necessary. 

F. Handle all travel arrangements for the Worship Arts Pastor & Executive Creative Arts Pastor. 

G. Coordination of Special Services: Contacts musicians and procures music for weddings, memorial services, or other special services as required in tandem with Administrative Assistant to Executive Pastor of Ministries 

H. Budget and financial records: As assigned by the manager, deposits departmental funds with accounting, maintains departmental petty cash funds, fills out accounting requests in a timely manner, properly records expenses and income to appropriate accounts, assists manager with budget preparation. 

I. Covers the Worship Arts Pastor’s responsibilities when he/she is ill or on vacation. 

J. Fulfills Staff devotionals as assigned. 

K. Performs any other duties as assigned by the department pastor. 


A. Active and growing personal relationship with Jesus Christ, evidenced by action, attitude and behavior. 

B. Seeks to grow spiritually by maintaining a consistent devotional life and personal development opportunities. 

C. Establish and maintain positive working relationships with staff, volunteers, and technical and production assistants. 

D. Solicit and manage large volunteer staff. 

E. Effective communication skills (written, verbal and interpersonal). 

F. Competency with basic computer software (Excel, Word), and the capacity to learn new software (Planning Center, Shelby Financials). 

G. Experience in working with databases; good clerical skills, typing, filing, and good interpersonal skills. 

H. Experience in music desired. 

I. Training and experience equivalent to a mid to senior level Administrative Assistant. 

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